Letters I Will Never Send (ebook)

Letters I Will Never Send (ebook)

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From the Author Has someone ever told you a secret that won't stop haunting you? Once I knew a lovely, rich, well-educated white lady who lived in the fairy tale she was taught would make her happy. It did not. She spent her days feeling guilty about being miserable, and her nights, exhausted, without being able to sleep. Until one day, while doing charity work, she met a poor, black, Muslim Imam from the ghetto. Because of The Imam she began to study Islam, and to fall in love. She tread where privileged white woman only enter as prey - are viewed, not as honest and trusting helpers, but gullible and stupid pains-in-the-ass. An innocent fool, the lady tried to become things that were not possible. Book-smart but street-stupid, often in danger without even knowing it, the lady walked through a chilling world where brutal murder was a norm, daily confounded by gut-wrenching truths, her only protection her own naivety. Because she never stopped trusting and searching for answers, one day, the lady got a glimpse of the truth about the path she was walking - and snarled. The lady wrote letters about what happened to her to a friend I never met. Never knew. She never mailed them for reasons I'll never know. After she was gone I found a blue satin box in a locked bureau drawer where, for years and years, she kept the letters, now impossible for me to mail, or forget. What is this story about? A heart-wrenching romance with the greatest of lovers...A woman confused by life who is willing to walk anywhere to find a better way of living...This is not a story for anyone offended by a woman who questions her own religious beliefs...This is a story that may make you uncomfortable, or make you think about some aspects of life in ways you wish you hadn't learned about. Beware before buying.

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Letters I Will Never Send (ebook)


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