George Anton Schaeffer: (ebook)

George Anton Schaeffer: (ebook)

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Circumstances attendant to the Napoleonic wars in Europe caused Dr. George Anton Schaeffer (1779-1836) and his wife Barbara to move to Moscow, Russia, in 1810. They do well in Moscow society, gaining influential friends and considerable wealth in George's venture to manufacture laudanum as an anesthetic for the military. They become Russian citizens, move into a large house with servants, and, in early 1812, have a daughter Inga. When Napoleon Bonaparte violates the terms of the Tilsit Treaty of friendship with Russia in June of that year and invades Russia with his Grande Armee of more than a half million soldiers, George accepts from Moscow's Governor-General Fyodor Rostopchin a position as administrator of a secret project of Tsar Alexander I to construct a shark-shaped, hydrogen-filled, rotor-wing-powered, balloon from which to drop timed-fuse explosives on Napoleon and his soldiers before the critical Battle of Borodino for Moscow on 26 August (7 September on the French calendar), 1812. After the attempt fails, George is in charge of evacuating the balloon project to Nizhnii Novgorod as Napoleon and his army occupies Moscow. After a hard winter in Nizhnii Novgorod, George disassociates himself from the "balloon master," Franz Leppich and takes up residence in a St. Petersburg mansion. In order to avoid threatening legal consequences of his involvement in the failed balloon project, George signs on to a Russian Navy Ship, the SUVOROV, which is (in this second book of the trilogy) making a "reverse circumnavigation" (west to east) of the world in order to supply the outpost of the Russian-American Company in Sitka, Alaska. He leaves his wife Barbara and daughter Inga in affluent circumstances in St. Petersburg for over five years, while he travels the world. He is stranded in Sitka because of disagreements with the SUVOROV's Captain Mikhail Lazarev.

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George Anton Schaeffer: (ebook)


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