Dr. Heavenly'S Fitness Prescriptions (ebook)

Dr. Heavenly'S Fitness Prescriptions (ebook)

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Many people struggle with being overweight or not having the ideal body image they'd like to have. Most don't know how they got there, but also forget it didn't happen overnight. So many have become complacent that they imagine it's impossible to lose the weight. Dr. Heavenly's Fitness Prescriptions offers you a realistic approach to living a happy and healthy life, but also to losing some pounds in the process if that's what your goals is. I discovered a method that helped me lose almost 100 pounds. On this journey, I learned a lot about not only my body, but also myself. This book is based on simple and easy-to-follow concepts that have helped me change my mindset, health, body, and outlook on life. This book is simply written to identify the symptoms that I've had and that others I know have had. Many people have not been able to move past the symptom, because they either didn't have the remedy or didn't have the prescription that would heal it. Whether you haven't been able to reach your weight-loss and fitness goals or, like many, you don't yet have such goals, I have created a tool that is practical and that works. The book is designed to help create healthy habits for the rest of your life in an easy-to-follow and reviewable format. It's a gentle way to reach those that desire to change their bad habits to create the life they envision, one that will increase their odds for longevity, happiness, and fulfillment through healthy living, with the message being that you can lose the weight you want if you stick to the plan. The goal is to make your goal bigger than not eating the food that isn't healthy for you or eating so much you're ready to explode. You must visualize the goal before you and do all you can to achieve it. If you make the why – the reason to achieve the goal – bigger than your appetite, you'll be just fine. Let this book become your journey's companion and reference, an ally to anyone hoping to drop some pounds.

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Dr. Heavenly'S Fitness Prescriptions (ebook)


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