What'S In Your Genes? (ebook)

What'S In Your Genes? (ebook)

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Personalized healthcare is rapidly approaching the American health care treatment scene in 2013. As a seasoned healthcare professional and educator, in my view, this has been a long time coming. I have written a type of book like no other explaining how genetics and genealogy is just a start in this transition to improved healthcare in the USA. When we talk or write about this type of treatment we are using genetic or other biomarker information to make decisions about the type of treatment to be offered to people, not trial and error prescribing of drugs or devices. But it takes more than doctors and nurses to make this work. People must take more of a stance with their issues and concerns in their long term health by way of education in the importance of your family health history, then why some diseases are hereditary, some through the environment (epigenetics) while some misfortunes in your health are caused by mistakes or accidents by all types of physicians whether in their local practice, operating room, radiology or within hospitals. Through personal stories of victims and some survivors of these mistakes, including mine, will give you the power as and iPatient with motivation to join the genomic revolution in the USA. The adult population, both male and female, will read the evidence in the true stories by survivors. These teaching and learning resources shared with the general/scholarly reader will put them into touch as an iPatient with our CDC with the Family Health Portrait and teaching methods for multi-cultural gene test providers assisting these readers in finding where their ancestors came from and how to find out, What's In Your Genes?.

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What'S In Your Genes? (ebook)


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