Yes To Sex...Just Not Yet! (ebook)

Yes To Sex...Just Not Yet! (ebook)

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Despite all the misguided ideas about Him, God is good, relational and has your best interests at heart. Furthermore, when it comes to sex, young people may be pleasantly surprised to hear what their Creator has to say about the subject. Like a present to be opened at Christmas, God has a perfectly crafted season for you to enjoy this special gift. Let it be known that God says, "Yes to Sex!" His answer isn't "No," just "Not yet!" If you're willing to take the challenge, you can say the same. As a young adult you have a lot to deal with. I realize you already know that but perhaps it's appreciated when someone identifies with the tough world you live in. There aren't too many people these days that want to be in your shoes. Between the challenges of school and thoughts of the future, looking for a real friend, family drama and still, after all that, endeavoring to enter adulthood with some framework of character and fear of God, your life can probably get overwhelming. Let's not even touch the larger than life issues like trying to find out who you are or fitting in. I do not want to make you feel any more insecure than you might feel already or predict a grim report about your future. I just think it's important to recognize your life for what it is. You have a huge future ahead of you in God but you also face a legitimate uphill climb to reach it. Simply put, your life demands courage. With that said, it is quite possible that sexual integrity isn't necessarily a fight you will choose to take on. Christian or not, it may seem easier to live sexually active and not bother swimming against the current of sexual acceptance or even deal with the peer pressure of resisting. Your thoughts might be: "There are bigger things intimidating me right now and I'm not sure if I have the energy or vision to fight off this battle. I'll just let whatever happens happen—and pay the price later and hope for God's mercy.

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Yes To Sex...Just Not Yet! (ebook)


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