Aware, Not Afraid (ebook)

Aware, Not Afraid (ebook)

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We're all aware the world can be a dangerous place, and most indicators point to it only becoming worse. Aware, Not Afraid is a book about developing street-smart awareness and preparedness. It is a guide to help you better understand and combat the threats (both human and natural) that you are likely to encounter during your lifetime. Its intended purpose focuses on enabling you and loved ones to prevent as well as survive and recover from critical-life situations. The term street-smart often refers to “someone who is intelligent, has good common sense, knows how to handle bad situations, and has the skills necessary to function in the area in which they live.” We believe that being street-smart also involves possessing the awareness necessary to recognize and react to the actions occurring around you at all times. It requires having the mental skills and preparedness to adapt and survive in almost any situation or scenario. By learning and implementing the tactical skills outlined in this book, and via your own life experiences, you can better prepare yourself and loved ones to respond to all situations, while gaining the flexibility to navigate and function in all environments safely. Many academic studies have been conducted and articles written on the subject of threats posed by humans and nature. While these articles are interesting reads, they offer little in the way of solutions. The idea of throwing more money and technology at the problem proves ineffective, and many communities are literally tapped out of resources. Because of dangerous and life-threatening scenarios occurring worldwide, time is of the essence in delivering a simple yet effective people-based solution, this book. The authors make no claim to be experts but have maintained a perfect success rate at functioning and surviving in different environments (many of them dangerous and critical situations), using the same methods we share in this book.

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