Old Dog 101 - Tips & Tricks For Senior Dog Care (ebook)

Old Dog 101 - Tips & Tricks For Senior Dog Care (ebook)

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For more than a decade, Hope and Erik have run a dog hospice out of their home. More than anyone, they know that senior dogs need special care and there is nothing more sacred then providing comfort for your pet when they reach this stage of their life. They also know that this is the time when a single trip to the vet can wipe out your entire bank account. This isn't the type of book where you will be advised to get a CT scan every month, consult a celebrity dog psychic working on the Lifetime Channel or feed you dog organic liver from some semi-endangered purple footed duck that can only be imported by rocket ship from Paris during a full moon. Instead, you get tried-and-true recommendations for helping to deal with a number of issues including arthritis, seizures, dementia, incontinence, old dog vestibular disease, weight management and giving medication. This book is an honest account of what has, and has not, worked for Hope and Erik's dogs. Things change and life can be difficult as your dog gets older. This information will help make the process more manageable, with the goal ultimately being to give you more quality time with your pet. Quality matters. If you have an older dog, you need to read this book.

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Old Dog 101 - Tips & Tricks For Senior Dog Care (ebook)


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