The Infinite Merit Of Christ (ebook)

The Infinite Merit Of Christ (ebook)

Craig Biehl
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God is infinitely excellent, and that excellence is most profoundly displayed in the person and saving work of Jesus Christ. The heart of Edwards' theology radiates the glory of God as displayed in Christ's saving of unworthy sinners through perfect obedience to God's unchanging rule of righteousness. The whole of Edwards' theology stands on the beauty and redemptive work of Christ as revealing and communicating the marvelous perfections of the Trinity. Salvation of a single soul apart from perfect conformity to God's rule of righteousness would render God unrighteous and abolish His ultimate purpose to display and communicate His glory. Indeed, God could not be God. Revisionist interpretations of Edwards' soteriology as inclusive or Catholic, therefore, are untenable without an overthrow and rewrite of the entirety of Edwards' theology. Chapter One examines the ultimate Trinitarian purpose to display and communicate His glory through the Father's gift of a bride for His Son, and the Son's purchase of His bride by His perfect obedience to God's rule of righteousness. Indeed, all of creation serves as the stage of God's purpose and plan in Christ, leading to the ultimate goal of the saints' happiness in heaven as they enjoy the infinite blessings of Christ's exaltation and glory. Chapter Two probes the pre-temporal Trinitarian and covenantal foundation of Christ's obedience, highlighting the Father's love in His purpose to save a people, and the Son's love in freely undertaking to accomplish it. Initiated by the Father, and mutually accepted by Christ and the Father, the terms of the Covenant of Redemption provide for the purchase of Christ's bride without injury to God's perfections, most notably His righteous justice. And as Christ voluntarily accepted the terms of the covenant, the entirety of Christ's saving work earned infinite merit for those He represented and purchased.

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