The Changeover (ebook)

The Changeover (ebook)

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THE CHANGEOVER: The Ultimate Personal Transformation DEFEAT THE NEGATIVES IN YOUR LIFE Anxiety, frustration, stress, fear, boredom, and depression are devastating forces that consume your energy and overpower everything that is good. When you experience any one of them, your happiness is destroyed, or at best, significantly degraded. Moments are all you have, and those that pass by either mired in negativity or unappreciated are moments wasted, and that's a travesty. THE CHANGEOVER will help you overcome these negatives. BEGIN A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE THE CHANGEOVER is an eye-opening tutorial that guides you into an improved life, moment to moment. No matter what your current state of mind, THE CHANGEOVER will raise your spirit via a personalized remodeling of your perspective, the determining factor for all of your interpretations. Your appreciations will grow, you will have greater success in life, and best of all, you will simply feel better. INITIATE AN IMPROVED REALITY For the first time in your life, you will become truly self-determined. You will achieve a fresh start by first recognizing and then uprooting a lifetime's incidental accumulation of diseased designs and conclusions, and afterwards replacing those unhealthy images with an extraordinary mindset of your own choosing, a frame of mind that automatically savors the moment. The outcome will be a wondrous Ultimate Perspective, a guardian of your soul that ensures an enduring positive inclination. RECEIVE LASTING INSPIRATION Unlike writings that result in the layering of motivational words atop your existing mental substructure, THE CHANGEOVER eases you into personal revelations that permanently revise the foundation of your thoughts to create a durable sense of well being. Instead of receiving temporary motivation, you will undergo a wondrous personal transformation.

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The Changeover (ebook)


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