Family Bucket Lists (ebook)

Family Bucket Lists (ebook)

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Do you have a list of “someday” things – a list of what you'd like to do or see, famous people you'd like to meet, roles you'd like to fill? A bucket list of goals for your lifetime? What if you combined that “someday” list with today's list of things “to do”? If you're thinking it sounds too expensive or would take too much time, think again. When you allow your bucket list to converge with everyday life, you'll find a whole host of benefits unfold in your life. And when you bring your family along… well, let's just say your life will never be the same. Family Bucket Lists offers a guided approach to planning individual and shared bucket lists that take parents, kids, and families beyond stereotypical exotic destinations and extravagant escapades. You'll learn how to create a personalized, meaningful list for how you want to spend the 18 years you have with each of your kids – and longer. Tips for troubleshooting your family's list, along with suggestions on how to incorporate your bucket lists into everyday family life, and ideas for commemorating accomplishments, make this a great companion for every family's adventures. Family Bucket Lists gives families a chance to: • dream together of what they want to do before the children are grown. • set off on adventures, big and small, together and individually. • enliven weekends and vacations with plans that match what they want most from life. • discover new things about one another as each person unearths and shares their dreams and aspirations. • find simple ways to incorporate life goals into everyday living. • make the most of the years they have together. Parents who read Family Bucket Lists will be encouraged to: • honor themselves and their own their life goals now, even in the midst of raising children. • support their children in taking appropriate risks and trying new ventures. • let go of the desire to steer their children's paths and enjoy watching their children carve a path to the future.

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