The "Ex" Factor - What Does Your "Ex" Stand For? (ebook)

The "Ex" Factor - What Does Your "Ex" Stand For? (ebook)

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Being Delivered From the wrong mentality and activity after breakups, Separation or Divorce: Obtaining Freedom to Live, Love and Trust Again. Over the past thirty years I have watched people go through divorce and relational breakups. I myself can be characterized as an expert of sorts; I have experienced divorced and not just once. As I encountered divorce and relationships that have ended badly, I have prayed and asked God for insight and help through my own experience. This was not a subject that many had seen or even wanted to talk about in Christian circles or had addressed outside of telling us to keep holding on and praying. Although this is great advice, sometimes in this place of hurt, pain and dysfunctional thoughts a person may find it hard to do either one. As I have watched and been by the sides of many that have had to walk this journey, I have continued to ask God for wisdom and insight on why we react and respond in many of the ways that we do when we are in the midst of this process. It wasn't as difficult to figure out once God illuminated the truth of who we are underneath the hand raises and the too blessed to be stressed comments. Divorce, the act or pursuit of, is not God's will for the believer or for anyone. He ordained marriage back in the garden between Adam and Eve, the first couple. All throughout the Bible, God uses marriage and the attributes that should be exhibited through marriage as a comparison of His relationship and His love towards us. In many cases when relational break ups occur we have allowed the relationship to enter into dimensions that God never ordained for it to be (ie, sex before marriage, children out of wedlock, living together, idolatry). When we are in disobedience to God and operating in a place of sin, once relationships come to an end, they often end badly.

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The "Ex" Factor - What Does Your "Ex" Stand For? (ebook)


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