The Vision Guided Life (ebook)

The Vision Guided Life (ebook)

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Vision Decoded and Made Simple! The Vision Guided Life is the way every change agent touches his or her generation. To live any other way is to live beneath your full potential. To accomplish your destiny, you need insight. This insight is the basis for all worthwhile endeavors. This book was written for those who want to live at their maximum God-given potential. How does your future look? Your insight determines your future. If your vision is limited, you will accomplish very little with your purpose. Vision is God’s redemptive revelation. Vision applies to the individual, family, business, Church and a nation. To lack vision, is to lack a future. In this book you will discover: • How to accurately define vision • How to grasp God’s vision for your life • How to write and state your life’s mission • Misconceptions about vision and how to dispel them • How to go from thought to application One of the most important qualities of a 'change agent’ is the ability to take responsibility and step out to achieve a desired outcome. Nothing changes until someone takes responsibility for change. In this book you will gain insight and learn practical principles that will move you to discover and live out, The Vision Guided Life. About the Authors Identical twins, Kay and Olu Taiwo are international speakers, ministers, consultants, featured authors, and licensed Pharmacists. With over 20 years of speaking experience, their ministry has impacted audiences in the Ukraine, Nigeria, England, Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada, and across the United States of America. They conduct Vision, Identity, & Purpose (VIP) Seminars. They are blazing a trail around the world in the mobile app industry and are reaching thousands of people by promoting biblical literacy through mobile technology.

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