Salisbury Plain: Military And Civilian Life On The Plain Since The 1890s (ebook)

Salisbury Plain: Military And Civilian Life On The Plain Since The 1890s (ebook)

Chris Corden
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Salisbury Plain, to those who have never been there, is the place on the map where Stonehenge is. To others it is mist, mud on the road, military convoys and the occasional tank. For many in Wiltshire and its surrounding counties, the sound of artillery fire, fast jets, and low-flying Hercules, are regular reminders of a military presence. Of course the Plain is all of these things, but look around and it becomes much more. On one side you may see a squadron of tanks suddenly cross the skyline like a line of warships 'making smoke’. While on the opposite hill a hare pauses, glances at the tanks, dismisses them as no threat, and lollops on. The Plain is a magical place, an ancient place, and a place where battles have been fought for thousands of years. 'The Plain’ began life as a one-hour radio documentary before being commissioned by HTV and Meridian as a four-part TV series, a Co-Production that owes its success to the hard work and skills of Pam Hunt and Kate Jones-Davies from 'Raw Charm’. Now it’s a book in its own right, not simply the 'Book of the Series’, 'The Plain: Life on The Plain from the 1890s to the present day’ offers me the opportunity to revisit the material I've collected over the years. A chance to look at some remarkable old photographs, some of which have never been published before, and amble down a few half-hidden pathways to glimpse the people of the Plain and their stories. So many people have been involved that individual thanks are impossible, though a special thank you really should go to Betty Hooper, the Cole family, and the Fuller family, who entrusted me with their photographs and archives. And Jean Morrison, who sat by her fireside for hours telling me stories of the Plain and its people. Last, but by no means least, thanks must go to the Army, without whose generosity and enthusiasm the recording and filming would have been impossible.

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