Rediscovering Your Lost Dreams (ebook)

Rediscovering Your Lost Dreams (ebook)

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We are all capable of more than we are offering the people around us. We need to rediscover our hopes and dreams that are all but lost. In, Rediscovering Your Lost Dreams, David will help you find the spirit that drives your passion for life and show you how you can accomplish what seems to be impossible right now. Many people begin life with certain dreams and aspirations and know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Some people never grow up and live out these same aspirations throughout their lives while others do grow up and lose sight of what they once loved when life gets in the way. This book offers the reader a glimpse back into their own lives to take a look at the dreams or joys that they may have abandoned along their journey. What is it that you loved to do as a youth? What if you could turn back the hands of time, what activity would you still do? These simple answers can lead you back into that space where you can reconnect with some of the things that give you a spark. David takes you through some of his own life examples to reflect back to the reader the principles of living a joyous life that allows you to still be a child at heart while taking care of the responsibilities of everyday life. The idea isn't to neglect the necessary responsibilities of the day to just day dream and become negligent. It's to realize that there is another part of our being that must be nourished as well in order to live a full, healthy life. This book will lead you to: get back in touch with your authentic self, take care of your mindset for better balance and joy, listen to your heart when it speaks and make sure you can hear it, use self-care now instead of waiting for a doctor to tell you to and much more. Our lives are busy enough just with jobs and family and commuting.

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