The Peace Project (ebook)

The Peace Project (ebook)

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"I was so sure it would be like The Fault In Our Stars all over again (with a different twist of course). I was ready for heartaches, tears and death.BUT I WAS SO WRONG. I was in for a big surprise as the story took a different turn." Cha~Book Freak blog "The characters were another positive aspect of the story. I don't praise characters unless I really mean it, and I definitely do in this one. Jax wasn't the cardboard cut-out bad boy; his character was so fleshed out, and I really ended up loving his POV. And he was such a good boyfriend! I loved him. Marilee was another wonderful character, and I loved her POV just as much as Jax; maybe even a bit better. Her character growth throughout the story is stunning. I am really glad this was a two POV story, because it made Jax and Marilee so much more real. I have to admit, I got really attached to Marilee and Jax."~My Full Bookshelf Reviews "This is a needle in a hay stack kind of a book, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read and review it because it is the first book EVER to bring a tear to my eye, and I know that that may seem weird as why would someone want to cry? But that is not how I mean it, I mean that it was able to provoke such emotions in me that no other book has been able to, and that is brilliant writing and story telling." Bookworm in Barrie Blogspot Seventeen-year-old Marilee Mackie has everything going for her, beauty,money and a bright future. But when she's diagnosed with cancer her world falls apart. Instead of finishing her senior year she begins the fight of her life. Nineteen-year-old Jax, an enigmatic hospital orderly, lives on the Strip, the proverbial other side of the tracks. With his sleeves of tattoos and rocker look, he's the kind of bad boy that Marilee has always steered clear of. But when Marilee's illness strips her bare, she searches for meaning in her life. Seeing that Marilee has lost hope, Jax steps in and helps her find purpose, a reason to live another day.

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The Peace Project (ebook)


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