The 110lb Hulk (ebook)

The 110lb Hulk (ebook)

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I entered high school at a measly 100 lbs soaking wet, bullied by the bigger kids and rejected by all the girls. By the second year I'd had enough, so I bought my first Weider weight set and set out to pack on some much needed muscle. By grade 11 I'd made some great strength gains, even earning the moniker "The 110lb Hulk" by the football players in school gym. Unfortunately no man has ever dreamed of weighing in at 110 lbs. Still bullied and rejected by women, I tried in vain, but just couldn't seem to pack on any more size despite giving everything I had in the weight room. High school and college came and went and I entered the real world standing 5"6 and weighing in at a steady 125 lbs. With my self esteem at an all-time low and at a loss for answers, I turned to the local trainers in my gym. The trainers said they would be more than happy to help me with my workouts for $80 an hour; however, they were unable to provide me with any nutritional support as it was an apparent liability to them. Feeling frustrated and not understanding why all my hard work wasn't paid off, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn everything I could about bodybuilding science, nutrition, and supplements. My bookshelf quickly filled with books about nutrition and anatomy, I spent my lunch hours crawling bodybuilding forums, and I begged the successful bodybuilders at my gym for their secrets. It took a long time, but I was finally able to sort through the lies and deceit prevailant in the fitness industry. I was able to recognize the truth about supplements, the secrets about rest and recovery were revealed to me, and most importantly I was able to manipulate my diet to suit my bodybuilding goals. Over the course of a couple of years I was able to bulk from 125lbs to a whopping 175lbs, all naturally through proper exercise, nutrition, and bodybuilding science.

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The 110lb Hulk (ebook)


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