Epiphany - The Golding: A Story Within A Story (ebook)

Epiphany - The Golding: A Story Within A Story (ebook)

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"Sophisticated and thought-provoking... an urban fairy tale for grown ups."Avid Ashley*** GOLD MEDAL Winner in the 2016 Global Ebook Awards USA*** RED RIBBON Winner in the 2015 Wishing Shelf Awards UKA mystical forest ... A forgotten history ... A love that spans lifetimesFirst in the two-book Epiphany series and a captivating blend of history, mystery, contemporary romance and magic, THE GOLDING is a story-within-a-story, a whimsical tale about money and its unknown otherworldly origins.Rosetta Melki (part-time tarot reader, struggling sole parent and full-time idealist) begins a reading group to examine a fantasy novel, and discovers the book to be anything but fiction.The book, written in the 1770s by Edward Lillibridge, is a hidden history that reveals the true beginnings of the global monetary system. Lillibridge’s story surrounds ancients from a gold-obsessed empire and the sprites they oppress: elfin clan dwellers whose currency of choice is kindness.Whether discontent in rich and poor will ever make way for a world free of war and poverty, whether anyone can believe enough in humanity’s true ancient history to activate the dawn of a benevolent new era, remains to be seen. One thing, however, is certain. A prophecy must be fulfilled by someone in modern times, and the time-crossing sprites of Lillibridge’s descriptions have set their sights on Rosetta. But first they must ensure she meets her one true love. Feet-on-the-ground finance executive Matthew Weissler is hardly a likely candidate -- even less so after their klutzy introduction. He’s polished, successful, admired, and ... is disturbed to find he’s being followed by an elf.****Includes detailed Character ListAwards:GOLD MEDAL - 2016 Global Ebook Awards USA(Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction)RED RIBBON - 2015 Wishing Shelf Awards UK(Books for Adults - Fiction)5-STAR SEALS (x4) - 2015 Readers' Favorite USA(Fantasy)What readers are saying on international sites ...... This book is the book of tomorrow, it will become a classic in years to come ...CillaWilsonAustraliaThe first thing that struck me about Terry’s debut novel was her seemingly effortless ability to entwine the contemporary and historical aspects of the story. At times the writing is nothing short of spellbinding, something that is rare these days, and even rarer at the beginning of a literary career.RoseyUKIt's not often a book will inspire me to re-read paragraphs, but Epiphany - THE GOLDING's insights were well worth savouring. Both the inner and outer stories were equally compelling, and made for an easy transition from one time-frame to another. Sophisticated and thought provoking ... an urban fairy tale for grown ups.Avid AshleyAustraliaEDITORIAL REVIEWS A true delight. The unique dual storyline is such an interesting slant in story telling, and is very much worth the read. Tracey A Fisher, Readers' Favorite Sonya Deanna Terry writes with a sure hand. She artistically weaves a huge amount of history, spiritualism, philosophy, and romance into a powerful tale of good and evil. Epiphany will appeal to anyone interested in arcane and esoteric subjects such as the tarot, dragons, ancient civilizations, lost histories, and reincarnation. These are very big subjects and many readers will learn a lot.Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite Every page has you wanting to turn to the next one to see what's going to happen, and the whole story has been brought together very nicely. It is a highly entertaining book and I really look forward to the next installment. Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite Sonya Deanna Terry has deftly and creatively combined two story lines, bringing them closer together as the book progresses until they actually overlap. While both are fiction, the two plots are taken from real life - greed, oppression, a struggle to survive and, as a balance, hope, love, faith and friendship. Epiphany has everything you want in a fantasy story - great characters, vivid descriptions of another place and time, believable present day action, and clear cut villains and heroes with a few surprises. Well worth reading for fun and for a subtle yet critical look at the future of the real world. Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite Sonya has a talent that literary agents refer to as the ability to "Spin some yarn." As the pages began turning faster and faster, I was left wanting more. I cannot wait for her next book.Stephen Fisher, Readers' Favorite.

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Epiphany - The Golding: A Story Within A Story (ebook)


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