Lucky Rice (ebook)

Lucky Rice (ebook)

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This award winning eBook describes the first meetings of a traditional rice farmer, his family and a young visitor from a western city. Spanning the course of a single day and punctuated by discussions of what constitutes a deeply fulfilling life, the wise rice farmer gently guides the young visitor to that sacred place we all instinctively care for and hold dear - our own heart. Lucky Rice is a positive and upbeat story that whispers the origins of authentic spiritual practice to all who care to listen. Excerpt From "Lucky Rice." "Let me tell you big secret, Mister Tim" said the rice farmer, leaning over and whispering so only I could hear. "My job is to grow the rice! Yet, She does it all. It just happens automatically from Her side. "Sunshine comes with light and warmth. Clouds bring rain. Mud gives nourishment. "They all help me to grow rice. "Why they come? Why they come together to help me?" asked the rice farmer. I didn't know the answer. "I don't think anybody knows," I said as I shook my head. The rice farmer leaned back into his chair and said, "I have thought about this a lot. "The only answer I have is the well-being of billions of people is very important to Her. Rice gives life. No rice no life," as his words trailed off into silence. And then the rice farmer said something that I will never forget." "She sends her rice out of love. Our rice is a reflection of Her divinity." We all sat in silence for a moment. We could feel his heart. "Knowing we have this help releases me from worry and discontent," he said. "I realize if I do my part, She will do Her part and rice will grow. Being satisfied with this simplicity leads to my composure," said the rice farmer. "I need to be free of worry," I said to myself. "Do you think Mother would extend Her gifts to someone like me if I am not growing rice?" I asked... This material is protected by copyright.

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Lucky Rice (ebook)


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