The Chanterelle Chronicles (ebook)

The Chanterelle Chronicles (ebook)

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    Chanterelles have long been considered a food of kings and noblemen. An indulgence fallen to by the rulers and instigators of empires. Ironically, they have also been a food of survival for explorers, foraging as they blazed trails through the forests of the New World.     Alas, empires come and go. Chanterelles are timeless.     The Chanterelle Chronicles introduces you to the principle cast of characters whose stories will evolve with each unveiling of a revised edition of this myth.     At times, characters who are not what they seem to be. Characters that are both physical and figurative in nature. Interacting with others and their environment. Interactions that bring the reality of the universe around them to life.     Though each short story resides in its own distinct realm of space and time, they are all linked to the reality of the author's presence. He is both narrator and actor. At times, he is the observer of the events that have unfolded before him. At others, he views events through the prism of the past.     Though this is the second edition of the Chronicles' myth, it should actually be the third. The original transcript lost in the Realm of Time: one found inside a universe observed from the author's perspective; a new perspective.

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The Chanterelle Chronicles (ebook)


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