I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening (ebook)

I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening (ebook)

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Telling my story was the most difficult task I have ever undertaken, and I did not make the decision to do so lightly. In fact, it took me fifteen years to gather the courage to tell my truth. I know that I would never have found the strength if it had not been for all of the brave women who came before me—the women who found the courage to give voice to their own truths—through poems, short stories, novels, essays, speeches, and memoirs: the women whose life lessons helped me come to understand and appreciate my own. It has been nearly a year since I sent my story out into the world. What I wished at the time was that one woman would read it, its message would resonate with her, and she would share it with another woman and begin a conversation. While I am thrilled that the book did spark such interactions, I could not have predicted what happened next. As women began to reflect upon their own life experiences, they wanted to share them—to pay it forward—to add their voices and offer their life lessons to others. As a result of this strong desire, the I Am Subject project was born. Together with Anora McGaha, founder of Women Writers, Women's Books, we put forth a call for submissions. We realized that women often lose their sense of self to external roles, expectations, and objectifications. Many times, we don't even realize that we are no longer the subject of our own lives. Yet, if we begin to strip away all of the external layers—those that define us by the roles we play—what would be left? Who would we be? We invited women to share their own powerful moments of claiming or reclaiming themselves as subjects of their own lives. More than 70 women from across the globe responded, and as I read each story, I was incredibly moved by the heartfelt authenticity of each writer's experience. Yet, as I put on my editor's hat and tried to envision individual pieces coming together in an anthology, I experienced a brief moment of panic.

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