Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide (ebook)

Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide (ebook)

Harry Hoover
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"If only Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide had been around when I moved here in the 90s, it would have been much easier to get adjusted." – Jim Deitzel Moving To CharlotteCharlotte is a big city with small town charm. But, it can still be tough to make yourself at home unless you have Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide, which tells you everything you need to know to help you settle smoothly into the Queen City. Charlotte - the hub of a 16-county metropolitan region – is home to about 750,000 residents who come for the good jobs but stay for the great weather, our proximity to mountains and beaches, and the wealth of outdoor activities. Tons of activities and lots of friendly people can't wait to welcome you. Our aim with Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide is to help you: • Find a place to live that fits your lifestyle • Ferret out the best schools for your children • Discover the best places to shop for everything from groceries to gowns • Experience all the outdoor activities available here • Fit into your new hometown What others are saying about Charlotte: * No. 1 Best Employee Engagement Apr. 2013 Forbes of 10 cities * No. 2 Happiest City for Job-Seeking College Graduates May 2013 Career Bliss of U.S. cities * No. 2 Most Desirable Place to Purchase a Home Feb. 2013 of 25 largest cities * No. 5 Fastest Growing Metro 2000-2012 Mar. 2013 U.S. Census of 52 largest metro areas * No. 6 Hot Cities for IT Jobs in 2013 Jan. 2013 Modis, Inc. of 10 cities * No. 7 Spring Break Destination for Families Mar. 2013 of 500 cities * No. 8 Best City for Jobs May 2013 of 398 large metro areas * No. 9 Most Job Openings per Capita May 2013 of 50 cities * No. 9 Top Moving Destination Jan. 2013 Penske Truck Rental of all cities * Top 10 Best City for Urban Forests Feb. 2013 American Forests of 50 largest cities.

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Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide (ebook)


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