7 Ways To Make The Grade (ebook)

7 Ways To Make The Grade (ebook)

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7 Ways to Make the Grade – A Living Guide to Your Community’s Success is a motivational inspirational self-help book written to advise and guide young people in their quest to make the grade and become successful in their journey through life. You will journey with the author through his childhood as he relates to his loving parents and his brothers and sisters while growing up in one of the many concrete jungles dropped into urban New York’s ghettos. The Queensboro housing projects and the thousands of housing project throughout the country are to this day habitats, where only the strong-willed can survive.  It was instilled in young Bob Lee that he would be one of the survivors, a leader, a teacher and a role model to all who would listen…and it worked.  His father’s words and his concern for Bob’s well-being were the main contributors that helped shape him into the man he is today.    7 Ways to Make the Grade – A Living Guide to Your Community’s Success traverses through a community of people:  family members, friends, teachers and mentors who took an interest in Bob during his youth and throughout his adulthood. With the safety net provided by this village, a spiritual connection and the moral values instilled in him, Bob Lee was determined to build a like network for all the young people he could reach who grew up in similar surroundings.  In 1986, he founded Bob Lee Enterprises, an Entertainment company, with the help of another radio personality, “Morning Man Ken Spider Webb” In 2004, Bob Lee’s dream of forming an educational foundation was born, “Make the Grade Foundation for Education”.  He wanted the name of the foundation to be meaningful and to support the key components that could serve and strengthen communities by forming a collaboration between parents, teachers, students, community, clergy, health care and financial literacy professionals. 7 Ways to Make the Grade – A Living Guide to Your Community’s Success is clearly, a major part of Bob Lee’s thinking, as he continues to try to help other people get what they need out of life.  By linking a book up to Make the Grade Foundation, he believes that he can reach the masses and locate other leaders to teach the youth to do as he is doing by building a unified movement for the betterment of the communities throughout the country.    In addition to the trials and tribulations of a child growing up in the largest housing complex in North America, Queensbridge Houses, which is a 3,142-unit complex owned by the New York City Housing Authority and his plight on becoming Doctor Bob Lee, there are numerous narrations about the benefits provided by the key components of Bob’s collaboration. For instance, Bob touches on relationships between parents and their children, financial literacy, eating healthy, childhood obesity, scholarships, religion in schools, healthy minds and more.    .    .

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7 Ways To Make The Grade (ebook)


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