Expressions Of Empowerment (ebook)

Expressions Of Empowerment (ebook)

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What is Empowerment? What does it mean? Every day, people everywhere look for answers to these questions. After all, isn't that why you picked up this book? Asking the questions is the first step towards finding the answers. Empowerment is taking responsibility for your own happiness, and understanding exactly what that entails. This book will guide you as you navigate common situations and issues, like: - Cultivating new relationships, whether at work or with new friends - Making time for yourself and your creativity - Coping with big changes life throws your way, like a new job or a death in the family - Balancing wanting to say yes and needing to say no - Being mindful of and grateful for your blessings instead of obsessing about the negatives - Learning to let go of beliefs that hold you back, making space for beliefs that serve you better - Learning how to prioritize yourself and your life - Removing toxic influences and people from your sphere Once you begin prioritizing your wants and needs, you can better maintain your happiness. Once you can maintain your happiness, your life will bloom before your very eyes. Open your eyes to the blessings that have already found their way to you, and remember that every day will bring you more, if you accept them into your heart. You can't be truly successful in life until you recognize that the strongest force holding you back is YOU. Once you understand which limiting beliefs have been holding you back from your true potential, you can choose to change those beliefs; to become the strong, confident, capable person you were meant to be! Position yourself for positivity; each section of this book will encourage you to open your mind and embrace a new paradigm. Only through changing beliefs that no longer serve you, can you take control of your life and happiness. Expressions of Empowerment is a loving guide with an outstretched hand to any person looking to empower and retake control of their life.

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Expressions Of Empowerment (ebook)


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