The Promise Of Israel (ebook)

The Promise Of Israel (ebook)

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Why Israel's greatest weakness is its greatest strength, and what its supporters and enemies can learn from its successIsrael's critics in the West insist that no country founded on a single religion or culture can stay democratic and prosperous?but they're wrong. In The Promise of Israel, Daniel Gordis points out that Israel has defied that conventional wisdom. It has provided its citizens infinitely greater liberty and prosperity than anyone expected, faring far better than any other young nation. Israel's "magic" is a unique blend of democracy and tradition, of unabashed particularism coupled to intellectual and cultural openness. Given Israel's success, it would make sense for many other countries, from Rwanda to Afghanistan and even Iran, to look at how they've done it. In fact, rather than seeking to destroy Israel, the Palestinians would serve their own best interests by trying to copy it.Takes many of the most compelling arguments against Israel and turns them completely on their heads, undoing liberals with a more liberal argument and the religious with a more devout argumentPuts forth an idea that is as convincing as it is shocking?that Iran's clerics and the Taliban should want to be more like IsraelWritten by Daniel Gordis, the author of the National Jewish Book Award winner, Saving IsraelDaniel Gordis has been called "one of Israel's most thoughtful observers" (Alan Dershowitz) and "a writer whose reflections are consistently as intellectually impressive as they are moving" (Cynthia Ozick) Certain to generate controversy and debate, The Promise of Israel is one of the most interesting and original books about Israel in years.

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The Promise Of Israel (ebook)


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