Illumination (ebook)

Illumination (ebook)

Becca Sinh
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It was supposed to be an easy two-week hike into the mountains with a bunch of teenage foster kids. But disaster was waiting in the wings—and when Father Matthew and Marlie tumbled headfirst into a swollen underground river and nearly drowned, he realized that the sacred vows he’d taken were no match for explosive physical passion! ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ Marlie kept right on his heels, and peppered him with eager questions about the landscape, the foliage, the local wildlife, the incoming weather, and anything else that popped into her agile mind. That was probably why he was so…distracted. Well, that and the fact that she was wearing threadbare skintight jeans that showed an indecent amount of creamy skin through the worn patches, and a floppy man’s work shirt over her equally tight black t-shirt that should have hidden her lush curves, but somehow emphasized them instead. He tried to keep his eyes straight ahead when she fell into step beside him. But he was only human, after all. And it would be rude not to glance her way occasionally as he answered her enthusiastic questions. If his gaze happened to slide down from time to time…and if her proudly jutting breasts were right there, only inches away from his muscular arm…how could he help but see them? Sweat began to bead his tanned face when they stopped to survey the deep ravine blocking their path, and she stretched her arms over her head in a graceful spine-popping arch. Even thinking about cupping his hands around her swelling curves was a betrayal of the sacred oath he’d taken, though he knew many priests who’d done more than just think about it. He absolutely would not give into temptation, as so many others had done, and follow through on his lustful fantasies! He turned to head down into the ravine—but misjudged how close Marlie had moved, and nearly mowed her down. Marlie yelped in surprise, and cartwheeled on her heels before he managed to grab her shoulders and steady her. They stood there in frozen silence for what seemed like an eternity. Long enough for him to see how her lush breasts were rising and falling in breathless little pants, long enough for him to feel the heat from her body searing right through his sturdy hiking clothes. Long enough for that heat to arrow like lightning into his groin, and spread out in aching waves. Her rich golden hair was pulled back in a careless ponytail. Would it feel like satin if he curled his long fingers through it? Would the slight rasp of his short beard be an erotic counterpoint if he dared to kiss her, or buried his face between her absolutely gorgeous breasts? Would she… “Father…?” Her trembling voice broke his momentary paralysis, and he whirled away with a strangled groan. This whole trip was madness! If he ever made it back to his rectory safe and sound, he was never leading another group of kids into the mountains again! “We need to go.” His voice emerged husky and strained, and he savagely cleared his throat. “See that big stand of pine trees on the other side of the ravine? We’ll find kindling there.” Marlie was just as shaken by the intense moment. Her head bobbed up and down in a jerky rhythm. “Okay.” He skidded down the steep hillside way too fast, with her right at his heels…and that was probably why he didn’t see the big gaping hole half-hidden behind a thick clump of grass until it was far too late. Frantically he back-pedaled, and almost managed to stop his headlong skid…but Marlie was too close, and her feet slipped in a patch of mud. He felt the shocking impact through every nerve in his body as she slammed into him, and he went flying through the air….

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