Summer At Willow Lake - Behind The Story (A Book Companion) (ebook)

Summer At Willow Lake - Behind The Story (A Book Companion) (ebook)

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Loved the novel, but still hungry for more? If you've devoured the last morsel of your savory book, but have a stomach that yearns for more, "Behind the Story" will be a most delightful surprise. Enjoy this basket full of hand-picked treats, compiled as an easy, concise, info-rich serving just for you! You'll be on a VIP tour where we will take you by the hand to show you what is behind the curtains, what is "Behind the Story". Re-read the original book RIGHT AFTER reading this book! The original book suddenly became much richer and more enticing after I finished this Behind the Story, I HAD to open up the original book once more! Highly recommended! From Sherry Lawson A sneak peek of what's inside: • Bibliography and resources, great as study guides or research resource. • Trivia Questions and Discussion Starters, great for your book clubs! SAMPLE EXCERPT: “What was the inspiration behind the creation of this book?” Summer at Willow Lake is the starter book for the Lakeshore Chronicles, and is about the love story between Olivia Bellamy and Connor Davis. Olivia’s grandparents are going to celebrate their Golden Anniversary and will renew their vows in their family resort that used to host camps for teens, and have asked her to renovate it for the occasion. Contractor Connor helped her transform it back to its glory days, and in the process they fell in love with each other all over again, healing and forgiving old hurts for another chance at a happy future together. (10) According to Wiggs, the idea for the Lakeshore Chronicles had been brewing in her for quite some time. She saw in her head an old-fashioned, family-style summer camp and threw in warmth and nostalgia and modern women dealing with issues, sorrows and triumphs, a place that’s sweet and full of heart. Other factors contributed in clinching it, like that in real life she’d been involved in planning her parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary and she researched several ideal locations, one being the Point on Saranac Lake in Upstate New York where she was born and lived until she was eleven and where she has many nostalgic memories. ---------------------------------------------------------- Don't miss out! It's highly recommended. Disclaimer: This work is not meant to replace, but to complement the original work. If you've loved the novel, then this is the book for you. It is educational in purpose, entertaining in nature, unauthorized and unofficial. It is a digestive work produced to stimulate the appetite and to encourage readers to appreciate the original work even more.

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Summer At Willow Lake - Behind The Story (A Book Companion) (ebook)


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