Jane Lynch: The Emmy Award Winning Actress (ebook)

Jane Lynch: The Emmy Award Winning Actress (ebook)

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Raised beyond Chicago, she discovered her love for acting in the third grade while playing a candle in a school production. In high school, Lynch took part in the choir. She enjoyed singing and performing in school plays, however much of the time she liked to keep a reduced profile. "I would march occasionally and reveal what I had, and people would go, 'Wow, that's something.' And then I would kind of recede back," she described to Time magazine. Socially, "I took a trip within all the groups," Lynch described to The New York Times. That "started that pattern of don't remain long enough for anyone to obtain to understand you, to see the chinks in your armor.". After graduating senior high school, Lynch went to school studied acting at Illinois State University. She then continued to refine her craft at Cornell University's graduate program for acting.

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Jane Lynch: The Emmy Award Winning Actress (ebook)


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