Just Hit The Damn Ball! (ebook)

Just Hit The Damn Ball! (ebook)

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Just Hit The Damn Ball! is a practical guide to help you move beyond swing mechanics and discover your natural ability. When you apply the simple techniques, you will see immediate results. Every golfer has experienced the indescribable feeling of a perfect shot; the shot you just knew you couldn't hit any better. Attempting to re-capture the feeling by analyzing your swing is, more often than note, an exercise in futility. How much would your game improve if you knew the recipe? Helping you discover the formula is the fundamental goal of this book. Your golf game is a by-product of habitual ways of thinking and acting. Over time, these patterns define our comfort level. These rituals become second nature - they run on autopilot, outside our conscious awareness – until they are interrupted. How do you feel when your regular parking space is occupied or your well-trained Starbucks barista has been replaced? Habits are essential to help us cope with day to day activities, but they can create an invisible barrier to progress, commonly referred to as the glass ceiling. Developing a conscious awareness of your habits is the first step to breaking through the glass ceiling. One of the most insidious habits is the tendency to dwell on technical flaws. We have been conditioned to look for mistakes. Our obsession with perfect mechanics is an endless process. This text offers you a method of breaking free from this vicious cycle. Once you understand the fundamentals of technique, the key to improvement is to stop asking why you hit poor shots and ask how to re-create your best shots. The second step to developing your natural ability is an awareness of the language you use on yourself and others. Our everyday language is a sentinel that serves to protect our comfort zones. Simple words like "try", "but" and "don't" are an integral part of traditional instruction.

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Just Hit The Damn Ball! (ebook)


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