Force Me: The Intruders (ebook)

Force Me: The Intruders (ebook)

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I wake up and they're in my bedroom. Two hot, horny studs with only one thing on their minds. They want me, I can see the animal lust in their eyes, and I can sense the darkness in their hearts. Are they going to hurt me? I think maybe they will. I'm theirs for the taking, and there's nothing I can do about it. Looks like I'm in for a wild, rough ride. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ And then I saw Jon. I had a bit of a crush on him in high school, and I could tell he had one on me. But my father would never approve, so I gave him some bullshit lie to keep him away. But when I saw him in the supermarket, I could tell he still had feelings for me. I could tell by the way he stared down my shirt when I dug in my purse, and the way he tried to look away. I didn't know what her intended, however. Not until I got an alert that someone had used my credit card number to trace my home address. That was when I understood what he really wanted. I didn't know he planned to bring his friend, but it was a nice surprise. • * * * I planned on letting them go, but they were just so sweet, I couldn't just watch them leave. I decided to keep them, so I could have them all to myself. They have a good life. They get anything they could ever want, food, clothes, and they can even go out to visit their friends. I know they won't escape. They're good boys. Jon has to be my favorite, even if Mark is stronger. Jonny's just wilder, and he really does have a thing for me. It's sweet. They have their own rooms, Jon closer to my room, of course.

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