Sharing Secrets (ebook)

Sharing Secrets (ebook)

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Paige's story continues in this second entry, focusing on the ever-increasing intimacy between Adam and her. To Paige's dismay, she discovers that there are certain lines he refuses to cross. Meanwhile, she meets Natalie, who harbors forbidden fantasies about Jeffry. They quickly blossom from friends to lovers as they confide in each other their secret desires. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Now,” Paige said as she laid down on her side, propping her head up in her hand. “Tell me about your fantasy about Jeffry.” Natalie followed suit and laid on her side with her head propped up, facing Paige as she tried to formulate her words. “Okay...The last time Jeffry ever spanked me, I was like maybe nine or ten. I don't even remember now what I did to deserve it. But I was wearing a skirt at the time, and he put me over his lap, raised the skirt up and spanked me about three or four times over my panties. I mean, he’d spanked me a few times before then, but I always had on pants or jeans or whatever. That was the first time he had ever spanked me with just panties on, and I remember it hurt like hell. I didn't think a whole lot of it for the longest time afterward, except for remembering how much it hurt, and ever since I tried to never make him mad enough to want to spank me ever again.” Paige let out a slight chuckle, remembering how she also tried avoiding spankings, only any spankings she got were from her mother, Adam never did spank her as far as she could remember. Paige also began to notice that Natalie was starting to get physically aroused as she told her story. So was she. “Anyway,” Natalie continued, “lately I started having these...dreams.” “What sort of dreams?” Paige asked as she started running her finger up and down Natalie's arm. Natalie felt a thrill rush through her from Paige's touch as she continued. “In the dreams, Jeffry was spanking me like he did that last time, only in my dream I wasn't wearing any panties. He would spank my bare bottom, usually about three times, then he would hold his hand on my butt and...”.

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