Always His Prey (ebook)

Always His Prey (ebook)

Alexa Faye
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I really should’ve known better than to follow Hunter when he asked me to accompany him to the prep room, saying he left something behind. Turns out it was just an excuse to get me alone and defenseless, and when he forces me against the desk and starts having his wicked way with me it’s all I can do not to give in… oh god, I don’t want this! What’ll we do if we get caught? ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Hunter’s body is flush above mine. His lightweight shirt does little to disguise how solid his abs are against my back; his warmth seeps into me and feels so right I want to throw caution to the wind and melt, just melt into him. …But no, I can’t! Not even if he’s hot and forceful and so hungry for me. He moves to encircle my wrists in a firm hold above my head before harshly grinding into me once—as if to emphasize his point, pushing my body further against the desk’s smooth, cold surface. “Stop…” I whimper, struggling half-heartedly under him. Not that it’s any use with the way he’s keeping me effortlessly restrained as he bends down, licking a trail from the base of my neck that ends in a playful nip to the earlobe; ohh, that felt good… I shiver, hairs standing up on end. He’s way too close, the kind of close that causes me to make really stupid decisions, so close I can catch the slightly spicy, woody musk of his cologne, a whiff of mint from his shampoo, the primal lust radiating from his body… all swirling into a heady, captivating scent. Coupled with his dirty talk and even dirtier actions, my nerves are set ablaze, and I’m growing warmer, wetter with each passing second. I hate my traitorous body, but more than that I hate how he’s too good at manipulating me by assaulting my senses with…with military precision, that jerk! “What’ll we do if we get caught?” I gasp futilely.

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Novela - Narrativa
Novela erótica
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Always His Prey (ebook)


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