Secrecies Of Lust (ebook)

Secrecies Of Lust (ebook)

Arcana Roman
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Inspired by Ovid’s mythological water nymph, Secrecies of Lust is a contemporary tale of a girl’s sexual awakening and the potency of lust. Please note: A taboo version of the story is published at Carnal Pleasures and the author’s website with the title Secrecies of Love. Warning: A short story of more than six thousand words, featuring graphic scenes that some readers might find offensive and which is unsuitable for all readers under the age of 18. Excerpt: One hot day, in the middle of August, eager to escape the heat of the afternoon sun, I went to the barn to take refuge in my usual hidey-hole. I was about halfway up the ladder to the hayloft when I heard Simon’s voice. He was talking on his mobile and heading my way. I didn’t have time to climb the ladder all the way to the top, or to go back down and get out of the barn before he was inside. I was kind of half way up when he came in. “Hi, Rose, don’t worry, I won’t tell dad that you spend most of your time hiding up there.” I looked down. He was standing at the bottom of the ladder. “Go on,” he said, “carry on up. I won’t tell.” “Okay, thanks, Simon.” I started to climb again. “I can see right up the legs of your shorts.” He laughed as he spoke and I froze. “Yum, that’s even better, hold that pose.” In spite of his words, I continued up. “Christ, Rose, don’t you wear knickers? I wondered why there’s never any of your panties hanging on the washing line. I thought it was because you’re shy.” “Bugger off!” I shouted. I was almost at the top. I could feel my cheeks burning. They were probably as red as Tony’s prize beetroot. “Aw, Rosie, Rosie, let’s get cosy. Rosie, Rosie, show me your posy.” He was beside himself with laughter. “Little things please little minds,” I said on reaching my haven. I looked down at him through the hatch. “I may have a little mind, but you’re not so little, I see. When did cute Rosie blossom into a beautiful Rose? Can I come up?” “No. Go away. In any case, don’t you have to go into town?” Moving away from the hatch, I tried to make myself comfortable, but he’d unsettled me and spoiled everything. “No, dad went. I reckon he’s gone to get his leg over his latest squeeze.” “Oh,” I said and my cheeks got hot again when I thought of Tony getting fresh with Sheila. “Bet she thinks he’s quite the catch,” said Simon, as if he read my mind. “She’s probably got her eyes on this place.” “What?” I shuffled across to the hatch and popped my head back into sight. “Thought that’d get your attention. Think about it, Rose. Your mum’s not around, my dad’s a run-around, he’s loaded and he loves sex. Fuck me! Don’t look so shocked. You know it’s one of the reasons your mum left. Sheila’s onto a sure thing. She gives him what he wants when he wants. I know, I’ve heard them going at it…” I wanted to block my ears and sing loudly, his words turned my stomach. “I think she’s got her sights set on marriage and this place.” Simon had my undivided attention: “Isn’t he still married to mummy?” “For now, but I reckon the divorce’ll be a formality.” “Oh.” “Don’t chew your lip, Rosie. You don’t have to worry. I won’t let that happen, I know the perfect way to keep everything in the family, so to speak. A little like the ancient Egyptians.” “Ancient Egyptians?” “Is there an echo in here? Surely you learned all that stuff at school? I did.” I cast my mind back to my history lessons, all the boring books I was forced to read. My mind was a blank. Simon was looking up at me expectantly. “I hated school. Hated every single moment of it.” I shuddered at the unwelcome memories his words had triggered. My time at boarding school had been horrendous. Used as a plaything by the prefects, set upon by bullies, girls in a gang are the worst type of adversary and I never stood a chance. If they decide you don’t fit in or if they think you’re somehow different, they make life miserable. .

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