Forbidden Fruit (ebook)

Forbidden Fruit (ebook)

Becca Sinh
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Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she’d been fascinated enough to try it herself…and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together sometime, and see if sharing sex was even more fun than doing it alone… (Book 5 of “The Hazard Chronicles”) ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ He was horny. Hell, he was always horny. Why should today be any different? Will heaved a reluctant sigh, and wrapped his big hand around his rigid shaft. He’d been masturbating ever since his live-in girlfriend of nearly twelve years had gotten sick of living on a farm, and headed for the big city. She thought she could be an actress, and Carly and he would only slow her down. So she’d packed up and left one day, without a single word of warning or apology, while Carly was at school and he was out working in the fields. That had been almost six years ago. And he hadn’t heard a single word from her since then. Maybe she’d made it big—he hoped so, for her sake, because acting had been her passion ever since they’d been kids. She probably would have headed for Hollywood right out of school, if she hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant by some guy back in high school. Looking back on it, he was actually surprised that she’d stayed as long as she had. Didn’t change the fact, though, that he hadn’t gotten laid even once since she’d left. And he was sick and tired of having to beat off every single time he got horny…which was most of the time. Just for once, what he wouldn’t give to feel a woman’s hot, wet mouth….

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