Storms Of Heaven (ebook)

Storms Of Heaven (ebook)

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The Smoke Samurai were most active at night. The sun would set in 3 hours. They would have just enough time to get in and get out before sundown, without any mishaps, It's almost like going up against Vampires. The Smoke Samurai blended with the shadows, and were just as silent and deadly as the dogs that guarded them during the day, yet even more so. Neo said they took great delight in seeing the tortured expressions of their victims as they practiced disembowelment and other gruesome rituals in their leisure time between stealth missions of obscure nature. The demon that taught them their skills received power from their innate cruelty. Rising high in the ranks meant that the elite warriors were the cruelest and the most efficient at torturing and prolonging the kill of their hapless victims. The BMW entered a dark tunnel that led further into the mountain. Pushing aside these gruesome thoughts, Solomon prepared himself for the upcoming dangers into the uncharted waters of The Shadow Blockade. The dimly lit tunnel led them deeper into the mountain until a cold, wintry light drew them out into a snow-covered forested valley. The Blockade was hidden by trees a few miles into the valley. A frozen lake bordered it on one side. Mt Fuji rose up on the other. There was only one way into the Blockade and only one way out. The Yakuza never ventured here. The locals knew enough to stay away. The woods surrounding the Blockade were known for their dark nature and the disappearances of many unwary adventurers into its dark depths. This valley was not a popular tourist destination. Locals always steered curious travelers to the other side of Mt Fuji, a less dangerous travel spot. The local people called it, “The Valley of Yōkai. The Valley of Demons.” A shiver ran up and down Solomon's spine when he thought of what Neo had told him about the valley.

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