House Rules (ebook)

House Rules (ebook)

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Tina is dedicating herself to making Dan a success at work at any cost. He doesn't understand office politics but she loves the games, especially when they involve hot and heavy sex. But this company is new territory, and the games have house rules that can make the play treacherous. She has no trouble getting laid, seducing the players, but will that take her where she thinks it will? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ When she saw the frustration clouding his face, Tina almost laughed. "Dan, don't make going to a party into a chore. This will be a great opportunity to let the boss get to know you better. Getting ahead in business means networking. It's the game." Dan gave her an odd look. "He already knows me better than I'd like. We'll make an appearance because he's my boss and I don't intend to be rude, but it's just socializing and I don't see that I'll gain anything at all." She stood in her underwear looking at herself in the mirror, trying to picture whether she ought to wear the short red and black dress or the slinky black one. She'd brought both dresses over to Dan's place knowing they'd want to go to the party straight from his house. Now she just had to decide. She expected Carla, the boss's wife to be dressing sexy. Trying to compete with the wife of the boss would be a mistake. Her black dress was slinky sexy. The fresh look of the red and black would be more politic and still make her look sexy, just more elegantly. Besides, she loved the dress. After trying it on she'd saved for a month to get it. Behind her Dan fretted over his choice of tie. "I'll pick one for you," she said. After going with him for six months Dan's lack of understanding of office politics and the role clothes played in business still managed to surprise her. When he married her she intended to redo his entire wardrobe. She would just do it. There was no way to get him to believe that if he wanted to get taken more seriously at meetings (one of his frequent complaints) he needed to present the right image. In fact, his image and knowing how to take advantage of it was the only area in which he needed improvement. He was good at his work…just very inept at getting any credit for it. He was good in bed too, but often she had to work to get his attention. His mind tended to stay at the office long after he'd left. Seeing that his company didn't seem to know what a gold mine they had in him she was making it her job to see that he was rewarded appropriately for what he offered them. Tina went over to where Dan was melodramatically comparing ties. "What the f___ difference does it make which of these I wear? There isn't two cents worth of difference between them." She took them from his hand. "It doesn't matter…you're right." "I am?" She laughed. "Those are office ties." She tossed them on the bed. "Dull. We're going to a party." .

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House Rules (ebook)


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