Caught In The Act (ebook)

Caught In The Act (ebook)

Becca Sinh
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Alan was incredibly horny—and when he glimpsed pretty Mercy stripping down in her bedroom and ogling a raunchy skin magazine, he absolutely had to have her! Little did he know that he was the first-time lover she’d been dreaming about! ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ Alan stood outside Mercy’s window, and watched with bated breath as she stripped down to her sexy white lace bra and panties, then sprawled back on the bed to stare at a colorful magazine that he recognized very clearly. Well, well, well! So pretty little Mercy was finally getting curious about sex! He’d wondered how long that would take. And he felt a sharp stab of jealousy at the thought of another man, any other man, touching her lovely body. He hadn’t intended to peek in her window...but what was a healthy red-blooded male to do when he walked by an open window that had the shades pulled carelessly back, and he saw a gorgeous young woman undressing right in front of him? Not much you can do about it, old boy, he thought with a troubled frown. It’s not like you can seduce her yourself. But hard on the heels of that thought, his devil’s advocate slyly whispered, Why not? Alan sucked in a startled breath. Why not, indeed? Mercy was sweet, and sexy, and... Glory be, the big camper was gone. Her folks had gone to The Games without her! She was alone! Heat began to pulse through his lean body as he considered the intriguing possibilities. If Mercy really was developing an avid interest in sex, maybe he could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by teaching her everything she wanted to know...and relieve his own fierce sexual tension at the same time! Dampness began to spurt from his rigid shaft. Oh yeah, he wanted her, all right! Had there been a single day, right from the very first moment they’d met, when he hadn’t? His feet began to move across the big yard. But he couldn’t resist hesitating just before she passed out of sight, and looking back into her room. She was bending closer to the magazine, with a rapt look of fascination lighting her pretty face, and she was starting to breathe faster. Oh yeah, she was interested, all right!.

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Novela - Narrativa
Novela erótica


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