The Traveler (ebook)

The Traveler (ebook)

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Kurt had designs on Kate. That she was his mother wouldn’t stop him, it was just another fact to consider. Looking forward to their upcoming trip to Savannah, Ga., he knew a four-day vacation spent together gave him the chance to get his mom to see her son in a new light. Kurt wanted to become her man. He had a plan and now the opportunity to seduce Kate. This was their destiny. Mom would be his. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Mom, how come you never draw anymore? If you went to school for it you must really enjoy it.” “I don’t know. I used to all the time but then you start doing this and that. I started working and raising a family and never had the time,” she lamely explained “I wish you’d start again. I’d love to see your drawings. Why don’t you start here again, we got the next few days?” “But I don’t have any…” she started and I cut off her lame excuses. “If I buy you the stuff you need, will you?” Then before she could say, No, I added, ‘It’ll be my gift for getting your promotion.” Perhaps sensing my insistence, “Okay, but you can’t see my first few drawings, alright? Not until I get my hand back and I’m willing to show them to you.” She held her small fist up to me, and threatened, “If you ask or pester me, I’ll kick your butt.” When the waitress asked if either of us would like a Traveler, Mom asked if they had any hard ciders. When informed they have a Canadian Pear Cider on tap, she said, “Oh that sounds wonderful. Let me get that in a Traveler.” When the waitress sheepishly said she needed to see my mother’s ID, Mom beamed with joy as she had me dig out her wallet from my manpurse and show it to the waitress. After the waitress left Mom hooted, “God it’s probably been ten or 15 years since I’ve been carded. Make sure you leave her a big tip.” After leaving $40 as a tip, which earned me a generous smile from the cutie who stood next me, we headed out towards an art supply store. As we walked Mom begged, “God, how did I let you talk me into this? Is there any chance I can back out of this? C’mon, I haven’t drawn in over 20 years. Oh, c’mon you can’t do this to me.” When I wouldn’t answer she girlishly pouted, “Fine!” and drank her Traveler. At the store, we got Mom a whole kit-n-kaboodle of drawing supplies. At the register she asked, “Do you give discounts to SCAD alumni?” Saving me 10%, we stuffed into my manpurse a hardcover sketchbook, two 12-piece pencil sets, a rule, a triangle, erasers, some spongy resin thing, a sharpener and some other things. After we left the store Mom ordered, “Come here.” She grabbed me. Pulling me close, she hugged me and gave me a lightning-fast kiss. Still holding me, she whispered in my ear, “You’re so wonderful” and kissed me again. In my other ear she huskily whispered, “I luv you.” .

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