At His Mercy (ebook)

At His Mercy (ebook)

Ella Louise
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Helen knows her boyfriend Mike likes to take things to the extreme in the bedroom. His intense, sometimes terrifying BDSM practices are something she has grown to love. Now, Mike has another surprise in store for her in his basement. But the machine he has built to test all of Helen's holes, not to mention her capacity for trust, is suddenly the least of her worries in this final installment of the Control series. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ I hesitate, wondering if I’m ready for whatever he has planned. “I promise it won’t hurt, this really is a gift for your enjoyment.” His assurance is good to hear. I do trust Mike to warn me first before things get… uncomfortable for me. He has never misled me about that. I approach the table, testing out its smooth, sanded surface with my left hand. As I do so, I catch sight of my bare ring finger and remember my discovery in his dresser drawer. This is the man I want to be with. And then: I trust him. I shed my clothes, forcing back the insecurities about my body. I’m a big girl, but I can stand naked before my boyfriend and know that he loves my body now. It took me a long time to get to this point, though. Even now, I reassure myself by watching his eyes roam over my skin appreciatively, telling me he likes what he sees. I want him to kiss me, tenderly, like he did upstairs, but one look at Mike’s face tells me he’s in full dominance mode now. There will time to be gentle with each other later. .

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At His Mercy (ebook)


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