My Uncle, The Artist (ebook)

My Uncle, The Artist (ebook)

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Cassie and her beloved Uncle Matt are at the family beach house for the weekend. Left all alone, sexy artist Matt paints the beautiful young Cassie and in return she seduces the only man who will ever understand her. Throwing caution to the wind, and her body to her uncle. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Matt was silent as he went back to the chair and picked up his pad and charcoal. 'Move any time,' he said in a low voice. 'I want you to enjoy this, feel good about yourself.' I turned my head back to him and saw him staring at me intently. 'You have beautiful breasts,' he said and I smiled. 'You've only seen one,' I said cheekily and rolling over onto my side, I opened the robe so both breasts were exposed. 'Perfect,' he murmured and he started to sketch occasionally looking up at me and then back to his work. I had never been viewed like this before and I found myself becoming braver with each new pose, letting the robe slip from my shoulders, lying on my stomach and allowing one buttock to show and each time I moved, Uncle Matt praised me, almost worshipped me. Finally he stood up and stretched, and I saw a small wet stain near the top of his khaki shorts and I felt ashamed. Had I turned my uncle on? 'Shall we have a break?' he asked and I nodded, unsure what I was feeling. Guilt? Shame? Stop it, I thought and I resolved to stop being so silly. He was my uncle and I was his niece and he was drawing me, and nothing more. Matt came out of the kitchen with two beers. 'I should be offering your champagne or wine, but I don't have any,' he said as he handed me the bottle. 'I don't need that,' I said quietly. 'What do you need Cassie?' he asked and I took a swig instead of answering him. I don't know, my mind said, but I know it feels right when I'm with you. I said nothing but the air between us was electric, or was I imagining it?.

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