Sis Boom Bang (ebook)

Sis Boom Bang (ebook)

Becca Sinh
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Henry ached to seduce pretty golden-haired Sara…and now he was going to spend the entire summer at her parents’ farm. He could hardly wait to get his hands on her, and teach her all about exquisite mind-numbing sex! (erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, outdoor sex, The Hazard Chronicles) ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ Sara reined the pinto in, and it reared in a fine display of control. Even before its front feet landed again, she was sliding out of her saddle, and stomping toward the clear freshwater spring. “Why did you insist on tagging along after me?” “Because I’m bored to death!” he snapped. “There’s not a single damned thing to do here except chores...and you keep telling me I’m in the way, so I can’t even do that!” She braced both feet on the ground, and jammed both fists on her slender hips. “I don’t want you here!” “I don’t want to be here!” They glared daggers at each other...and then, quite suddenly, he found his arms full of soft, panting girl. Had she moved first, or had he? Did it matter? She was kissing him so passionately that his head was spinning! They broke apart with a stunned gasp, and staggered away from each other. “Holy...” “Ohmigod...” “That didn’t just happen.” She found her voice first, but it was shaky. Just like her legs. She had really exceptional legs. “Okay.” He was so shaken that he’d have agreed to shoot himself in the head without thinking twice. “It can’t happen!” “I know.” His chest was so tight that he could barely breathe. They stood there a moment longer, staring at each other in dazed confusion….

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Novela - Narrativa
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