Forced Cuckold Husbands (ebook)

Forced Cuckold Husbands (ebook)

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This collection of 3 hot short stories with men who are helpless to do anything as the love of their life bares it all for strangers in broad daylight! The bundle includes ‘Violated by my Husband's Debt Collectors,’ ‘While His Wife Watches,’ & ‘Undercover Ménage with My Husband.’ Excerpt From ‘Violated By My Husband's Debt Collectors’ Silence followed and I was suddenly left with an overwhelming sense of dread. I took a deep breath to prevent myself from breaking into tears, knowing that if I start, I won't be able to stop. I wondered if I was willing to help him at all and if love was worth all the trouble he's brought me. "I can work hard, if that's what you mean," I said finally. "But I'm already working two jobs so I don't know how I'm going to squeeze in another one." I looked around, taking in the awful mess of the place and how much everything stank to the high heavens, "you could do with some serious cleaning up around here, that's for sure," I said. He laughed, a sound that echoed in the barn in a manner that sent shivers down my spine. "Not that kind of work, darling," he said finally between guffaws. "Then I'm not sure what you mean," I told him finally. "You'll know when we get there," he said. My flimsy flip flops left small footprints in the soggy ground as we walked deeper into the barn. Horses stomped and neighed as we walked past them, though I paid them little heed. I had love horses when I was younger, but being the object of the majority of my husband's debts have made me outgrow that love fairly quickly. I was surprised to find a cemented area at the end of our journey, the open room completely empty safe for a pillar in the middle of the place and a pair of handcuffs on the floor. I gulp, a feeling of dread making my blood hum with fear. I did not like what I was seeing at all. We were not alone as footsteps quickly joined behind me and surrounded me. I noticed my husband standing amongst the man entering the room and was ashamed to find a sense of satisfaction at the sight of bruises and cuts on his face. I realized that all the men were staring at me, their expression unreadable. "We have a feeling that your husband did not tell you everything you needed to know about offering you as collateral," the man said suddenly, breaking the silence the hung in the air. "You see," he continued, pulling a slip of paper from under his leather jacket, "he offered a night for us to do whatever we wanted with you if he did not win the bet," he said... .

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