Out Of Bounds (ebook)

Out Of Bounds (ebook)

Allure Sachs
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She is a sexy young submissive with a loving but firm Master and an extremely high sex drive. She loves him and she loves sex; the more, the merrier. And for this horny little one, when her Master's away, his submissive will play. He's never put any restrictions on what or who she can do while he is away. His one rule is that she remains safe. But will she go too far? And just how far is too far? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Dear Sir I'm sending you this note to tell you what happened last night. It's Sunday morning and you’ve been gone for three days and two nights. I understand you might have to punish me when you get home but sir, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me if I did anything that displeases you. I needed some fresh air so I went for a walk and after a long while I went to a club for a drink. The doorman smiled, opening the door for me so I went down the stairs and found myself in a room which was empty except for a bar. No one was there so I helped myself to a drink. Then a man came in, he took my hand and smiling at me, he led me through a door which he closed behind us. He said not one word as he pulled me towards an x-shaped contraption standing in the middle of the room. It was black, padded with what looked like leather and had restraints on all four corners. I told him I needed to leave sir but he wouldn’t let me. He was gentle but firm as he fastened my legs and arms, leaving them spread apart. Then he cranked something off to the side and I grabbed the ropes as the cross moved, laying me horizontal. He opened the door and I was concerned sir, as man after man came in. I didn't have time to count them or to say anything because he was back and between my spread legs, pushing my dress up and pulling my knickers aside… .

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Out Of Bounds (ebook)


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