Wet 'N Wild (ebook)

Wet 'N Wild (ebook)

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“Wow, Mom looks hot,” Brett thought when he saw her coming. For them, a lot changed at home. Bambi divorced his father, moved across town and started school to become a nurse. Yet, these were the start of the changes she had coming for her son. Similar to when a caterpillar disappears to become a butterfly, Brett learns when Bambi reemerged she came better than ever. Now, Mom comes Wet ’n Wild. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “You ready to head home?” I asked. It was almost 10 o’clock. I knew she had school in the morning and I scheduled to work at the Hard Rock. We got up and, without really giving it a thought, I held out my hand while Mom stuffed her Kindle back into her purse. Finished, she took my proffered hand and we made to leave the mostly deserted theme park. As we crossed over the covered footbridge that spans Universal Blvd. leading to the parking garage, Mom surprisingly pulled me into one of the hanging balconies. Pushing me against the parapet’s railing, she stood immediately before me. Smurfette trying to block my escape. “Brett, I’m gonna ask you a question and I want you to be honest,” she started. Without waiting for a reply she accused, “Are you trying to seduce me? Because I want you to know I’m aware of it. I’m flattered…” she started. I readied myself for the expected, “But.” Instead, she continued with: “…I’m O.K. with it as long as you are willing to take it slow and let me get used to it, okay?” “You want me to go slow? No problem. I’ve been working this angle for almost a year already,’ my inner voice said. Wisely, I didn’t voice this thought. Looking over her head, I saw we were the only ones in the tunnel. Instinctively, I knew what the right response was. Laying my arms over her shoulders, I pulled my mother close to me. When she looked up, I kissed my mom like I dreamed of doing oh-so-many times. I kissed her the way many men wish to kiss that pretty girl they know and have wanted to for oh-so-long. It was a short but lovely kiss, as most first kisses are. My lips to hers, it felt wonderful. She tasted like magic. When our lips pulled back, with an audible pop, I could tell she wore a pleased smirk. I kissed her again and held my lips to hers for maybe a second or two. In the quiet tunnel, with an audible MWAH, we separated. I held her loosely in my arms; with an amused voice, I told her, “I’m O.K. with that.” I hooked my right arm around her shoulders and turned her to leave. She wrapped her left arm across my lower back. As girlfriend and boyfriend, Bambi and I headed home. .

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Novela - Narrativa
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Wet 'N Wild (ebook)


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