The Naughty Nurse (ebook)

The Naughty Nurse (ebook)

Tina Zandar
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DESCRIPTION Emergency Room nurse Karen fondly remembers her uncle gently, lovingly picking her cherry—with his wife's permission. Next to dip his wick in her is Oscar, the middle-aged artist who’s amazing, outsized equipment makes up for his lack of finesse. Finally, when still unmarried at twenty-eight, she meets teenaged Owen who flips all of her switches to "on" with skills his older sister has taught him. EXCERPT How could I tell my innocent, straight-laced Mom that Unk had fucked me morning and night, almost every day. To be fair, though, on about half those occasions I was the one who initiated the action. I really enjoyed what he did to me, and enjoyed his reaction to what I did to him. For being an amateur I thought I did quite well. “The thing is, Karen…” “What?” I was perplexed by her hesitancy to explain herself as well as the odd expression on her face. “Well, I think you're old enough for you and I to have a real heart-to-heart talk about family matters.” “You mean Unk is some kind of pervert?” “Oh, no. Far from it. I mean… Well, some things happened many years ago…” I smiled. “You mean you and Unk had an affair? How exciting! Does Daddy know?” Mom shifted uneasily in her chair. “It wasn't like that—exactly. I mean…” I nodded vigorously, encouraging her to spill the beans. “What happened?” “Well, your dad and I, having been raised strict Catholics, refrained from having sex during our engagement. We'd vowed to be virgins on our wedding night.” “How sweet,” I said. But Jeez, didn't they have any passion? Didn't Daddy want to get into her panties? Mom, in her wedding pictures was beautiful! She had melons that any man would want to play with endlessly. Her mouth was downright sensuous. Even now, at forty, she was still a knockout. In the summer, around the pool, in her swimsuit she was constantly being ogled by every male over three years of age. I could see some of my older male cousins stare at her boobs and then go into the house to find a bathroom where they could jerk off thinking of her. “Well,” Mom went on, “About three days before our wedding I was in my bedroom, lying there reading, when your dad came in and shut the door. I didn't think much of it. I figured he wanted to talk with me privately. He came and sat on the side of the bed, next to me. We chatted about the book I was reading, but then he touched my legs with just his fingertips. It tickled, as I remember…” I nodded, encouraging her to go on. We'd never talked about anything this intimate before. “Well, after a few minutes his hand was under my skirt and between my thighs. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I could hardly pay attention to what we were talking about as I watched the progress of his hand toward… Well, you know where it was going…”  .

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Lot's Cave, Inc.
Novela fantástica
Novela de Ciencia Ficción y Fantástica
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The Naughty Nurse (ebook)


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