Kept In The Catacombs (ebook)

Kept In The Catacombs (ebook)

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Jane ends up in a dark dungeon, and it turns out that the keeper is intent on possessing her body…and not in the good way. He orders his little minions to pass her around between the many unusual denizens of the dungeon to try to persuade her to submit to his rule, saving the most dangerous for last. They enjoy her perfectly delectable body, and some are even tempted to take a bite out of it. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Horny as ever, she thought about going into another video game. They were really fun and exciting, because she never knew what would happen. Lately, Jane discovered that she was a bit of a sexual thrill seeker, because those games could get pretty rough. The adrenaline rushes that came with being chased, caught, deep throated, and even the painful yet pleasurable anal sex really got her riled up. The first three gaming adventures had been right up her alley, so she sent her son off to school then headed to her Halloween stash. She grabbed the slutty chambermaid outfit that she'd bought a few years ago in an attempt to arouse her husband. Unfortunately, that had failed, just like her marriage. Looking in the mirror, she grinned at finding the opportunity to wear the costume again. It showed off a huge amount of cleavage, and was so short that her round ass peeked out when she bent over. She topped it off with a pair of black pumps then headed to the television. She recklessly switched the console on and picked up the controller, having no idea what game her son played last. Knowing the drill by now, Jane banged it on the coffee table and a piece flew off, prompting the usual zapping and tingling shocks. The bored sounding announcer began reciting his warnings. “Disclaimer; this game contains adult content, BSDM, anal sex…” Jane's face lit with joy and her grin grew wider. “…sex with inhuman beasts, and varying levels of torture.” "Torture?" she asked, skipping over the mention of inhuman beasts. She thought about the other games she'd gone into. They were all really exciting; Damien and his vibrating shaft, the huge and hairy alien named Olfim, and even the tall blocky creature who took her forcefully. Actually, when psycho Dave dunked her under the water of his garden pond as punishment, she hadn't cared for the near drowning; and the torturous interrogation from sadistic Sam on his spaceship hadn't been a walk in the park, either. After her brief deliberations, Jane decided that she was good to go, but hoped that no one tossed her off a cliff this time. However, she could take a lot, because injuries healed faster in the game world. Besides, a little pain always enhanced the pleasure, at least for her. She gave a quick nod of agreement, and not even a second later, the floor vanished. After falling for a short time, she crashed landed on something very hard with a golden glow. "Good God!" she groaned, sitting up and testing her arm to make sure it wasn't broken. The high ceilinged room seemed somehow sacred with all of its golden walls, pillars and arches. Even the steps going down on each side of her were made of gold. Suddenly, she realized that the ornate stone platform she was sitting on disturbingly resembled an altar...and possibly something to be sacrificed upon. She yelped and scrambled off the thing because that would be just her luck. Her footsteps echoed as she sped down the stairs, wanting to get a good deal of distance from any possibility of a sacrifice. .

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Kept In The Catacombs (ebook)


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