The Hunter (ebook)

The Hunter (ebook)

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He's stalking me through the woods. Hunting me down as though I'm his prey. I don't know exactly what he wants, but the desire in his eyes means I can take a good guess. I'm the object of his lust, and once he's caught me, he intends to have me. Is he going to hurt me? I think he might. One thing is for sure - I'm in for a wild ride. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ “I have a plan. You mentioned your cabin in a post the other day, right? Why don’t you pick me up at my dorm room around midnight? Kidnap me. I’ll be outside in a T-shirt and my blue jogging shorts. Of course, I’ll have a gym bag with me with clean clothes in it for when we’re done. But you pull up in your jeep and ask if I need a ride or if I’m waiting on someone. Something like that so I know it’s you. Then, when I start to walk away, you follow me. I’ll drop my bag and start to run. I hope you can run, because you’ll have to catch me. Oh, and bring rope or tape, something to tie me up with, or else I might get away. “Still with me? I hope so, because I think you’re going to like where this is going. God, I want you to tear me apart! “Once you catch me, drag me kicking and screaming back to your jeep. Throw me in the back and tie me up so I can’t get away. And don’t forget my bag!”.

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The Hunter (ebook)


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