Menage With My Nieces (ebook)

Menage With My Nieces (ebook)

Trisha Treat
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When my twin nieces, Farrah and Flo, wanted to spend their 18th birthday with me at my beach house, I jumped at the chance to spend time with the girls. I hadn't seen them in years! The little girls that I remembered though, were no more. My nieces were all woman now, and they were anxious to show their Uncle just how much their bodies had changed - by stripping naked in front of me and practically begging me to fuck them. I wasn't about the disappoint the girls - the 3 of us had a birthday party they would never forget! EXCERPT: Laughing, I put my hand on the small of their back, leading them inside through the lanai. "Well, if you're 18 today, then we have some celebrating to do, don't we, girls?" They looked around the house with awe. "I can't believe you actually live here! This is so cool!" "I'm glad you like it. How about a celebratory tequila shot, then we'll head to the beach?" They looked at each other, wide-eyed, then back at me. "Are you serious?" Flo asked incredulously. "Yes, I'm serious. Just don't tell your dad," I said, pouring the shots. "Fuck yeah, this is going to be a great weekend!" Farrah squealed. "Bottoms up!" I said, passing the glasses around. We all toasted and tilted our glasses back, downing the shots. "Wooo! That tasted goooood!" Flo whooped. I could tell after a single shot she was already getting loopy. I'd have to watch her. Farrah laughed at her sister openly. "Here we go again. Every time Flo has a drink, she turns into a slut!" "I do not!" Flo insisted, wheeling around and, to my surprise, grabbing her sister's nipple and pulling playfully. "You do!" "Ouch!" Farrah squealed, rubbing her assaulted nipple that was now rock hard and poking through her shirt so much that I though the fabric may rip under the strain. "How about you girls get changed to your swimsuits and we'll head across the street to the beach?" I suggested, nervously trying to hide the massive boner that their little display of cattiness had given me. This was going to be some weekend. I had no idea how I was going to keep my boners hidden with these two around, teasing me. "Ok, Uncle Jay," they practically sang, as they trotted off toward the guest room, smacking each other's cute asses down the hall. Holy fuck.

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Menage With My Nieces (ebook)


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