The Sultan'S New Toy (ebook)

The Sultan'S New Toy (ebook)

Anna Austin
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Emine's life as she knows it is over. Taken from her village, she is destined to be the Sultan's concubine. He is a man as cruel and ferocious as he is handsome. Emine is inexperienced, with no knowledge of the ways of lust and love. Will her first time as the Sultan's new toy leave her wishing she was back home in her simple village—or will he leave her begging for more? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "The first week or so is difficult for everyone. But I promise you - just one meetup with the Sultan per day, and you'll be well-fed and pampered for the rest of your life," she reassured me. It didn't sound so bad - the muscles of my back relaxed, and Zeyneb was able to comfortably guide me to my quarters. "You'll be staying in here - this entire wing of the palace has been set apart for members of the Sultan's harem. You'll get your own room. You're a lucky one - the Sultan has requested that you get a large room to yourself! That's pretty rare. I guess he must see something special in you," Zeyneb explained, her warm gaze softening the startling impact of her words. The wing of the palace dedicated to the harem was perhaps even more lavish than the exterior of the palace had let on. It was a dimly-lit area, absolutely covered in colorful silk cushions and beds. There were several tired-looking girls sprawled out across this paradise of softness. Several doorways led to washrooms and powder rooms, Zeyneb informed me. As we walked through this surreal wonderland, I got lost in thought. Maybe this new life wouldn't be so bad.

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The Sultan'S New Toy (ebook)


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