Big Brother'S Unfinished Business With Me (ebook)

Big Brother'S Unfinished Business With Me (ebook)

Lizzy Eliot
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DESCRIPTION Brewster came by my parents’ house saying that my brother Sal was back in town talking about taking care of unfinished business. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I’m glad he’s back, even if it has Daddy all in an uproar. The way things are going it looks like I might be on Sal’s to do list. That’s both incredibly nasty and smoking hot—like Sal. EXCERPT The guy I brought home from work, a loading dock hunk named Dave, was just a little treat for me—an afternoon delight to solve my bad case of horny. It was Friday morning and we got the word that we’d have the afternoon off for some kind of safety inspection. That was perfect. So was Dave. He wasn’t the smartest guy at the factory, but he was nicely built… a big guy with hard muscles that looked like he might give a girl plenty of pleasure. Best of all I knew he was happily married and that meant he wouldn’t want more from me than hot sex. I didn’t want complications. I just wanted a hot fuck. With the afternoon off coming as a surprise that meant no one would be at home at my house and he’d have free time his wife wouldn’t know about. With that in mind, as soon as I had an excuse to go out to the loading dock, I got close to him, like close enough to rub myself against his crotch, and made an indecent proposal. “How about coming home with me this afternoon for a hot fuck?” “I shouldn’t,” he said, looking stressed. “Because you are married.” He nodded. No one was around, so I ran my hand over his crotch. “Something tells me you want to though. And its so much more exciting to do the things you shouldn’t do.” I had him sweating and shaking, so I backed off and gave my lips a slow lick. “Come over and I promise that we will do a lot of things we shouldn’t do—that’s my specialty, Dave. I’ll make you explode and then, if you can get it up again later, maybe we can have a great time repeating all our mistakes.” I’m good at making my point, and sure enough that afternoon we were naked in my bedroom. He was tanned and when I wrapped my fingers around his swelling prick I was rather pleased. He was nicely equipped. A promising stud. As I knelt down and licked the lovely big head of his cock, listening to his soft moan of pleasure, I knew I had told Dave the truth. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t all that special. What was special was that fucking a married guy was wrong. Bringing him into my parents’ house and sucking his cock, doing all sorts of nasty with him, was something I shouldn’t do. That made it hot and exciting. As I took him in my mouth and sucked him, Dave trembled. His hands were on my head, playing with my hair. The way he was responding I figured the odds were his old lady didn’t blow him at all. She was probably a nice girl, his wifie, and a nice girl shouldn’t suck a guy’s dick. Some bitches don’t want to do it at all, and nice girls don’t suck cock on the first date. Fortunately I’m not nice. That gives me advantages over a lot of girls. It’s just a fact. When you are naked with a guy, nice is not the quality he’s looking for.

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Big Brother'S Unfinished Business With Me (ebook)


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