Relative Heat (ebook)

Relative Heat (ebook)

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DESCRIPTION Forbidden desires always seem to lead to hotter more satisfying sex—even if it’s with family! This quality six story collection features that boundary pushing bond between devoted fathers and their loving daughters. The incestuous sex is tender and sweet, even if the relationship is taboo. When a father and daughter decide to give into temptation, what satisfaction will they discover possible? EXCERPT Like every time I was close enough for her to touch, she did, reaching out to drawing the backs of her fingers over my cheek. “What’s up, little one?” I spent a few moments ordering my thoughts. “Daddy says he would never hurt me, that I mean everything to him.” She nodded. “He wouldn’t, and you do. You’re very important to both of us.” My brows drew. “But you said... I should be afraid of him.” She shook her head. “No, baby, I didn’t. I said you have no idea what you’re doing. Young girls have no business teasing their fathers.” “I wasn’t teasing him,” I said, not really believing the words myself. “Yes, you were,” she said, tracing my lips, making them tingle. “Only naughty girls run around their daddies without underwear on.” Her words warmed my cheeks and I couldn’t help the shy smile. She laughed softly, caressing my cheek. “Only naughty girls allow their daddies to watch them masturbate.” I closed my eyes, wishing I could crawl under a rock. He’d told her? She tapped the tip of my nose, getting my attention. I opened my eyes to find her smiling. “Will I be pretty like you when I’m older?” I heard her breath catch. “Such an angel,” she whispered. “Come up here.” I stretched out against her, facing her, shivering when she traced my lower lip. “Why are you teasing him?” I smiled, shy, shrugging. “Talk to me.” I bit my lip, wondering if she’d spank my bottom if she knew what I wanted from him. “You can talk to me, baby. You’ll always be safe with me.” I studied her eyes a moment before testing the waters. “He kissed me,” I whispered. She touched a finger to my lips for a brief moment. “Like that?” Then she touched them again, this time lingering, teasing my skin. “Or like that?” I nodded. She shook her head, her neutral expression allowing me to relax some. She teased her fingertip between my lips, her gentle touch forcing my mouth open. “Did he touch his tongue to yours?” I nodded, closing my lips around her fingertip. She released the quietest moan then pulled her gaze up to mine. “Only naughty girls let their daddies kiss them that way, baby.” Her tone made me warm. “Do you know what can happen if you keep teasing him?” I had a pretty clear idea by now, and I nodded. “Tell me.” I grinned, shaking my head. “Tell me what you want from him, baby,” she said, her tone letting me know I was safe. I squeezed my thighs together as a wave of warmth washed over me. I had the words on the tip of my tongue but they wouldn’t come out. “You’re safe with me, baby, I promise.” I closed my eyes for a moment, summoning up my courage, then I met her gaze. “I want to feel his thing inside of me.” I bit my lip, waiting. She shook her head. “It’s not a thing, honey, it’s a penis. Try again.” “I want his penis inside of me,” I whispered. “Naughty little thing,” she murmured, her eyes flashing with excitement. “Keep teasing him and you may just get your wish.” .

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Lot's Cave, Inc.
Novela fantástica
Novela de Ciencia Ficción y Fantástica
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Relative Heat (ebook)


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